Hesperidin REACH

The Hesperidin SIEF

General information about the establishment and role of a SIEF can be found at the ECHA website.

We have prepared a summary profile of Hesperidin  to facilitate the establishment of “sameness” for potential SIEF members. All potential registrants were invited to a Pre-SIEF meeting held in October 2011, the ‘Active Group’ of potential registrants took part in this meeting  and a Lead Registrant was appointed. If you want to become a SIEF ‘Active Group’ member, then please contact us.

A web-based data base has been established to facilitate the exchange of information between Active Group members. Access is protected by a login and password. This data base provide information about :

  • Active Group) membership list
  • The Hesperidine substance profile
  • REACH end-point data lists
  • Plan for REACH registration
  • Status Reports
  • Draft and Finalized registration documents
  • SIEF meeting Schedule, Agendas and Minutes

To ensure transparency and effective communication summary updates will also be emailed to Active Group members from time to time.

The Active Hesperidin SIEF  members are  preparing the joint Registration Dossier for Hesperidin. Companies who wish to register Hesperidin with the ECHA, have two basic options to obtain  the information needed to support registration :

  • Become an Active Hesperidin SIEF member;
  • Obtain a Letter of Access

Information about how to become an Active Hesperidin SIEF member and how to obtain a Letter of Access, as well as the associated costs, is available here

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