Hesperidin REACH

Hesperidin REACH Registration

In  June of  2007 the European Union’s regulation governing the import, manufacture and use of chemical substances came into force. This regulation, known as   « Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals » (REACH)  relies on the principal of ‘no data, no market’, additionally the responsibility for assessing  risks relating to the use of substances lies with industry.

Manufacturers and importers of substances in the EU in quantities equal to, or greater than  one tonne/year must  submit a Registration Dossier to European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) for the substance in question. The registration dossier provides detailed information on the identity of the substance,  animal toxicology data,  an environmental impact review, assessment of worker safety and a proposals for Classification and Labelling.

Hesperidin falls within the REACH provision for so called  « Phase-in Registration », this means that once the pre-registration formalities had been completed  EU companies were able to import, manufacture and use Hesperidin while the full registration dossier is prepared. In view of the maximum  volume of Hesperidine imported into the EU by individual companies, under REACH regulation the full registration dossier for Hesperidin must be submitted to the ECHA by  June 2013.

A number of EU companies have pre-registered Hesperidin. In order to prepare the registration dossier, and in accord with  REACH operating principals,  all companies that pre-registered Hesperidin are members of  the Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF) for Hesperidin.  All members of this SIEF will share existing data (Data Sharing), and they must agree a Classification and Labellin for Hesperidin.A meeting of the pre-SIEF for Hesperidin elected the Lead Registrant and thereafter established operating principals for the SIEF.

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